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This app is new but WE are not.

More than 100 stations.
In 1989, a Kansas City station was the first of 120 affiliates to license the Weatherschool trademark and distribute teacher guides, posters, and software* to more than one million classrooms.

A 20-year weather promotion?
No one in the industry expects a station's weather promotion with corporate sponsors to last more than 20 years! 


This 30-second promotion documents it.

A curriculum supported by the station's team and tools
Different grades require different information, activities, and experiments. This app provides any viewer, teacher, and student with 20 elementary and advanced lessons that tie to your weather tools, videos, and broadcasts. Additional resources of the University Center for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) are included.  In short, Weatherschool stations support their communities with more than weather information, school visits, or demonstrations. 


That's why Weatherschool is in a class by itself.


* Developed by a team of educators and meteorologists led by former AMS Broadcast Seal holder (#272) Dr. Ronald Yaros, Ph.D. and Master's of Arts in Teaching.

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