1.   The 20 special lessons are here for 2022!  Each topic matches the 20 lessons on the app.

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Mon. February 7, Lesson 1The Sky
Which layer of the atmosphere gets warmer with height?

A.  troposphere  

B.  stratosphere 
C.  mesosphere




Tue. February 7, Lesson 2Clouds

Which cloud type clouds does not produce precipitation?

A.  cirrus  

B.  nimbotratus
C.  cumulonimbus

Wed. February 8, Lesson 3Precipitation

Snowflakes start as crystals that form on

A.  water droplets 

B.  floating ice  

C.  dirt

Tues., February 9 , Lesson 4:  Storms

The heaviest snow typically falls

A. in the coldest air   
B. north of a low center   
C. near high pressure

Mon. February 10,  Lesson 5:  Observing
Avoid measuring the depth of snow

A.  under a tree
B.  in the open
C.  using a yardstick